About Saint Michael Lutheran School

Saint Michael Lutheran School, serving students from infants through eighth grade, is dedicated to providing a quality academic education in the context of our Lutheran Church’s history and tradition. Academic excellence, spiritual development, relational skills, as well as moral integrity are nurtured by dedicated faculty, administration, and staff. Students are challenged to grow, to stretch their God-given abilities, to aspire to do their best, all to the glory of God and in response to His great love for them in Jesus. Faculty and Administrative Staff continually seek current, state-of-the-art curriculum and teaching methods without sacrificing that which has stood the test of time, the “tried and true” in educational approaches. STEM has been a focus for many educational programs, but here at Saint Michael we add the “A” for the Arts (instrumental music, vocal music, language arts, and visual arts) and Athletics (with several competitive as well as individualized opportunities). Every child is gifted in different ways, so it is the goal to help each student celebrate the unique gifts and abilities they have been given and blessed with by God.

Saint Michael School also acknowledges that unique learning opportunities take place outside the classroom setting and so there are serving opportunities, field trips, and extracurricular activities off campus that are integrated into the learning process.

Founded in 1956, when Saint Michael Lutheran Church offered the first kindergarten program in the
city, Saint Michael has grown to be a well known and respected educational alternative for those living in the
entire county (Lee County). Our total school population currently stands around 500 students (of which approximately 80 are
enrolled in our Little Saints infants - young 3's program and 420 in our PreK - 8th grade program) who are served by over 100 full and part time staff (which includes our Before and After School Care programs).

We are blessed with the congregation’s support, the size of the school population that still provides for
individual attention while also being large enough to offer unique opportunities, technology, and cooperation
within the entire scope of Saint Michael Lutheran’s mission and ministry.


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