SCHOOL: Child of God Lutheran School

MISSION: Child of God Lutheran School provides quality Christ-centered education for the community to make and equip disciples. It is the intent of our school to develop Christ-like character and academic excellence in our students that transforms lives and shapes communities.

JOB TITLE: Special Education Resource Teacher, K-4th grade

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelors in Education, Special Education Certification
REPORTS TO: School Administrator and K-8 Learning Specialist Coordinator

HOURS: 35 hours per week 8:00am-3:00pm

JOB SUMMARY:  Participates as a contributing member to the general delivery of special education services under the direction of the Building Administrator and the Learning Specialist.


Coordinate referral process to public school district and other related agencies
-Monitors evaluation dates of the students on the caseload
-Establishes and maintains contact with relevant outside sources serving assigned students
-Participates in the diagnostic process for initial and re-evaluations with Ft. Zumwalt School District
-Secure the appropriate referral packet and information regarding proper completion
-Complete packet with general education teacher
-Return completed packet and attachments back to Ft. Zumwalt’s Diagnostics team
-Understands the state laws for special education and obtains additional information as needed
-Write Individual Service Programs (IEP), 504 Plans, and Specialized Intervention Plans (SIP)  in a professional and timely manner
-Contributes to IEP development by sharing relevant assessment and student progress reports from previous IEP and making recommendations for goals, benchmarks as required, methods and related services and accommodations
-Provide transition guidance to students that are transitioning to high school
-Coordinates implementation of IEP for each student assigned to his/her caseload
-Ensures that regular education staff, counselors, principals, and parents are informed of and understand their role in the     implementation of the IEP
Communicates student progress, needs, and performance status frequently with other staff members, and principals. Maintains required communication log
-IEPs are for students identified with educational disabilities through Ft. Zumwalt School District.
-Writes initial IEP within 30 days of diagnosis, or notice thereof
-Writes annual review IEPs within 30 days before or after the review date
-504 Plans are for students who have an identified and documented mental or physical impairment that significantly impacts their learning, but who are not covered under IDEA.
-Specialized Intervention Plans are for students who have been through the referral process but are non-disabled but still need support. SIPs are also used for students who require early intervention services, who have not been evaluated but show signs of academic difficulty.

Provide high quality individual or small group instructional services.
-Develops and provides specialized instruction that appropriately address IEP/ SIP goals.
-Use a variety of research-based instructional methods/ techniques based on student needs.
-Develop and maintain a classroom environment conducive to effective learning.
-Assist in upholding and enforcing school rules, administrative regulations and policies.
-Develops a rapport with all students on the caseload and advocates for their needs.
-Requests for materials, equipment and supplies which appropriately address the need of assigned caseload.
-Evidence of lesson planning, which corresponds with the IEP/ SIP goals and objectives and documents what was addressed each day.
-Promote self-advocacy in students by teaching them about their learning strengths and needs.
-Provide or recommend accommodations/modifications/intervention strategies for the general education classroom and/or resource room.

Provides support and information to all other staff that work with the students on the assigned caseload. This may be verbal or written information provided through consultation, modifications, classroom support, etc.
-The resource and general education teachers work together to provide appropriate accommodations/ modifications/ intervention strategies.
-Develop a plan to provide appropriate accommodations during achievement tests.
-Conduct on-going informal and/or formal assessments for students on caseload
-Evaluate student progress on a regular basis
-Assesses the student consistently and quantitatively on their annual IEP goals. Data must be collected and maintained for each of these goals for each student. Data should be collected in an appropriate manner that fits the measurement of the goal.
-Utilize assessment data to inform instruction and the development of annual IEP/ SIP goals
-Monitors attainment of goals and evaluates when students could be dismissed from special education services, or if the needs are greater than the services available
-Collaborate regularly with the general education teachers and administrators.
-Establish and maintain cooperative relations with others
-Notifies Building Principal of any unusual concerns or needs of student requiring further school attention
-Participates in staff development activities and departmental meetings
-Coordinates job duties and schedules for volunteers (as necessary)
-Provides progress of students to general education teachers
-Maintain timely records in each student’s file in resource room and in their documents on their Sycamore account
-Maintain accurate, complete and correct records as required by law, school policies and administrative regulations
-Maintains and submits accurate caseload and schedule documents to the Administrator and Assistant Principal quarterly
-Maintains a working file for each student on caseload
-Tracks student discipline and addresses concerns presented. Completes required behavioral logs. Monitors for pending manifestations. When necessary initiate a Functional Behavioral Assessment.
-Communicate student progress to parents.
-Work to establish and maintain open lines of communication with students and their parents concerning both the broad academic and behavioral progress of all assigned students.
-Records progress on IEP goals on the progress report page of the IEP and sends to parents at least quarterly, and at semesters end for all other support plans
-If a student requires a modified grade on the report card, it should be communicated on the report

Adhere to COGLS’ expectations for professional behavior and practices.
-Abide by Child of God’s teacher and staff handbook
-Pursue professional growth through an ongoing program of reading, workshops, seminars, conferences and/or advanced course work at institutions of higher learning.

About Child of God Lutheran Church and School

We are looking for a second special education teacher to join our resource team. Specifically this role would work with our K-4th grade students. Child of God is NLSA and MNPSSA accredited and a recognized Missouri School of Character. COGLS enrolls students EC-grade 8 with an average class size of 18 and a student body of approximately 275.