We are seeking two teachers who will assist us in growing in the Classical School model of learning at our small Classical Lutheran School at Concordia Lutheran Church in Geneseo, IL. We opened in 2022 with a Kindergarten Class, and this year we have a K-2 class. A Teacher need not be classically trained, but shall be desirous to learn and employ such methods with the curriculum, along with us, toward understanding and using Classical methods.

We look forward to growing the school with the assistance of teachers who are desirous for students to be nurtured in the Christian faith as they learn. Teachers shall have divided responsibilities between grades K-5 (likely K-2 and 3-5). While we have curriculum outlined for K-2, teachers are encouraged to assist in planning and expanding our Classical Lutheran Education opportunity to our church and community.

Geneseo is a bedroom community to the Quad Cities, near the border of Illinois and Iowa, right off I-80. We have an involved community, proud of tradition, and growing in opportunity.

About Concordia Lutheran Academy

Our mission is to provide academic excellence through a classical Lutheran Education in a Christ-centered environment and develop lifelong learners, biblically sound critical thinkers, and community leaders that serve with humility, gratitude, and grace.