Preschool Director Requirements

-Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, or related field
-At least 5 years experience teaching and/or leading in an early childhood program with ages 3-5
-Adhere to Concordia Lutheran School & Mission Statement – “Concordia Seattle provides a
nurturing, Christ centered community serving all Seattle area families by providing
individualized academic, social and spiritual development.”
-Confess faith in the Triune God as described in the Apostle Creed, Jesus as the Savior, God’s

Word as truth Preferred

-10+ Years experience working with children
-3+ Years experience working in a state licensed early childhood center
-Completed all STARS trainings for WA State

Job Description Overall

-Share your love of Jesus and use your God-given talents to the best of your ability
-Work with all Concordia staff and board as a team player
-Be knowledgeable about licensing requirements from WA State Department of Children,
Youth, Family (DCYF) and implement procedures as necessary
Administrative Responsibilities
-Work with administrator to create a Christ centered culture that unifies the preschool and
elementary/middle school programs and community
-Work with bookkeeper, administrative assistant, and School Administrator on procedural tasks
-Maintain: Preschool Staff Handbook (As of December 2019, last update was 2012), Preschool
Parent Handbook (updated yearly), Preschool Health Plan (updated and approved by Health
Dept every 3 years) Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Plan (updated every 3 years), Disaster Plan
(updated every 3 years).
-Communicate with parents on a regular basis about policies, procedures, concerns, upcoming
events, etc
-Ensure monthly fire drills and quarterly emergency drills (earthquake, shelter in placed and
lockdown) are conducted, and keep a log for the state.

-Work with administrator to prepare and report budget numbers for school board, including
proposed budget increases including salaries/wages, and all costs relating to the preschool
programs. Throughout the school year, manage those budgeted numbers throughout the year.
-Lead for Summer Camp Curriculum, field trips, schedule, enrollment paperwork, manage staff,
order supplies, etc (this task could potentially be delegated to other staff)
-Step in for administrator with facility/staff needs/problems when Administrator is not on site.
-Manage that all procedures, paperwork, etc are in accordance with WA State Department of
Children, Youth, Family for medications, facility requirements, documentation, etc
-Responsible for Yearly State DCYF Inspection Report. Meeting with licensor during inspection
and handling all items in the time period allotted. Become familiar with the current WAC and
current changes for Preschool and School Age Extended Care.
-Lead enrollment processes for new students including tours, approving applications,
accepting/waitlisting students, and enrollment paperwork according to school procedures
Staff Responsibilities
-Create and maintain a culture of openness, integrity and honesty with staff, parents and
-Lead person for hiring and interviewing full and part time Preschool staff including subs under
the direction of our hiring procedures
-Manage and record teachers and assistant schedules, time sheets, vacation/sick time. Maintain
staff files and confidentiality of information.
-Provide yearly updated job and compensation descriptions for preschool employees.
-Manage staff training requirements – Maintain MERIT (State database) including background
checks, and DCYF state licensing requirements. Order on-line classes or arrange for In-house
trainer on Professional Development days.
-Ensure all classrooms are run with age appropriate classroom curriculum, Bible Stories and
physical settings. Track weekly notes and/or emails to be sent home to each family including
daily classroom activities and school wide events.
-Support staff members with preschool family issues including attendance, late pick up, student
behavioral issues and parent meetings, with internal staff issues and help to resolve in a timely
and Christian manner
-Maintain substitute list and assist staff with obtaining a sub if they are having difficulty.
Provide sub help if needed and available.

-Maintain accurate records of teacher to student ratios, teacher training requirements, sick and
vacation time so that programs will be sustainable and provide a healthy growth pattern.
-Provide yearly teacher evaluations to Preschool staff members.