Administration of the Office – The principal:
 Is responsible to the Board for maintaining/controlling an accurate School Budget as approved:
o Collecting all monies and maintaining accurate financial records.
o Ordering and purchasing of all school materials and equipment.
o Payment of all school bills.
o Unbudgeted items will be presented to the Board for approval.
o Providing a monthly written report to the Board.
 Keeps essential records in a secure, fireproof place.
 Keeps a complete inventory of equipment, books, and materials.
 Keeps accurate, up-to-date information in the teacher files.
 Keeps accurate, up-to-date information in the student files.
 Deals with salespeople, educational personnel of the government and church, and the general
 Works through the advertising subcommittee to provide ads for publicity and gives information to
the congregation and to the community.
 Sends school news to parents on a weekly basis.
 Keeps abreast of public school educational trends and changes and new governmental regulations.
Administration of the Facilities – The principal:
 Is responsible to the physical conditions of the school – heating, ventilation, cleanliness and
sanitation, lighting.
 Is responsible for the safety condition of the school.
 Is responsible for building and equipment maintenance.
 Works through the building needs subcommittee to make renovations and
major repairs.

Supervision of Staff – The principal:
 Has a leading role in securing qualified personnel for the school and works through the Board to
call and hire new personnel.
 Provides a thorough orientation for new staff members, including non-teaching personnel.

 Conducts formal annual written performance evaluation of staff members, teachers and non-
teachers. Appraisals, individually signed by staff members, are presented to the Board with the

principal’s recommendations for rehiring prior to the teacher interviews.
 Conducts regular meetings of teachers. Conducts meetings of the non-teaching staff as needed.
 Assists teachers in their goal-setting process, at least annually.
 Reviews the lesson plans of teachers, making recommendations for adjustment when necessary.
 Makes evaluative visits to classes at least annually and discusses the visits with the teacher,
establish goals for improvement.

PRINCIPAL – Job Description (page 3 of 5)

 Establishes a good Christian atmosphere in the school, one which is conducive to good
teaching/learning situations.
 Helps to create a cooperative spirit among the staff members.
 Promotes the professional growth of the staff.
 Supports teachers in their classroom leadership roles.
 Acknowledges good teacher performance.
 Represents the needs of the staff before the Board.
 Is responsible for the annual preparation of school handbooks and the teacher’s policy book for
Board approval.
 Review the status of teachers’ certification annually and informs the Board
as to any changes or problems in status.
Supervision of Curriculum – The principal:
 Helps teachers plan and execute a quality education program.
 Keeps abreast of current educational methods, trends and materials.
 Recognizes the professional judgment of teachers in the selection of materials and in the selection
of teaching methods.
 Provides for systematic, constructive study of all areas of the curriculum and recommend
curriculum changes to the Board on an annual basis.
 Provides for testing in the areas of achievement and intelligence and reports all class scoring
averages annually to the Board for their review.
Supervision of Children – The principal:
 Strives to assist each class in meeting its objectives.
 Monitors each child’s achievement in relation to his/her abilities.
 Makes arrangements for the testing of children that have been identified by teachers or parents as
having a problem.
 Refers parents to outside agencies to provide remedial help for children in need.
 Serves as a friend and advisor to children.
 Communicates effectively with children at all levels.
 Is effective and fair in handling pupil discipline problems.
 Establishes guides for proper student conduct and maintains discipline.
 Provides for an effective guidance program for children.
 Is responsible for the admission, transfer, promotion, acceleration, demotion, suspension or
expulsion of children from the school.

Parent Relationship – The principal is responsible for:
 Establishing and maintaining a favorable Christian relationship with parents.
 Fostering an understanding and solicit support for overall school objectives and programs.
 Interpreting and implementing Board policies.
 Discussing and assisting in the resolution of individual student problems or

parent-teacher problems.

PRINCIPAL – Job Description (page 4 of 5)

Other Duties – The principal shall serve as an ex-officio member of the:
 Board of Parochial Education (BOPE)
 Church Council
 Finance Committee
 Scholarship Committee
 Parent-Teacher League Executive Board
 Any other committee that the Board or the Church Council deems appropriate.
Term of Service
A Call with tenure shall be issued to the principal in keeping with Article IV and Article XIII of the
Constitution Bylaws of First Lutheran Church – Ponca City, Oklahoma.

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