Title: Principal

Mission Statement: First Lutheran school exists to proclaim the Gospel as we teach academic skills and Christian values, establishing a strong foundation or a child to live successful, positive and Christ -centered life.

Job Description:

1.      Develop, lead, manage a comprehensive program of Christen Education in a day- school setting got grades PK-2 through 8th.

2.      Serve as Administrator for the school’s faculty and staff.

3.      Coordinate the day school’s ministry with that of First Lutheran Church.

4.      Assist the School Ministry Board to establish policy.

5.      Carry out the policies and decisions of the School Ministry Board.

6.      Oversee volunteer organization associated with First Lutheran School.

Job Accountability:

The principal is accountable to the congregation of First Lutheran Church through its School Ministry board.

Job Qualifications: Experience

1.      Minimum of five years’ classroom experience

Job Qualifications: Personal Skills

1.      Obvious Christian lifestyle with a strong commitment to Jesus as Lord and Savior, And to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

2.      Enjoys being the administrator of a Lutheran Day School.

3.      Can assess priorities and make tough decisions without being swayed by extraneous circumstances.

4.      Model’s Christ’s love through empathy and concern for others.

5.      Possesses the management skills to run multiple projects and programs for, conception to completion.

6.      Ability to communicate clearly with the church and school faculty, staff, students and board members parents.

7.      Self-Motivated leader who instills confidence in others.

8.      Ability to work with others, both as a subordinate team member and as a co-equal in collaborative work group.

9.      Willingness to increase skills and gain greater expertise in work- related fields.



Job Qualifications: Spiritual

1.      Demonstrate spiritual maturity by word and example.

2.      Devotes time daily to Bible study, prayer, And spiritual growth.

Chain of Authority:

1.      The principal supervises the faculty and staff of First Lutheran School.

2.      The principal works with the ministry staff of Firs Lutheran Church.

3.      The principal reports to the Senior Pastor and School Ministry Board.

Job Responsibilities and duties:

Spiritual Leadership:

1.      Is faithful in attendance at worship and at the Lord’s table.

2.      Maintains the confessional stance o the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod.

3.      Creates meaningful opportunities for Christian growth for faculty, staff, students, and school families through chapel, religious curricula and outreach.

Managerial Leadership:

1.      Plans for effective operation of the school, its facilities, and equipment.

2.      Assures the safety of students, faculty, staff, and families.

3.      Supervises the appropriate use of the facilities and equipment.

4.      Holds faculty, staff and students responsible for procedures, policies, and assigned tasks and duties.

5.      Manages all funds with the integrity and fiscal responsibility.

6.      Provides leadership in the review and development of school policy.

7.      Manages the school office:

Ensures that all school records are appropriate and current.

Conducts the business affairs of the school in an effective and efficient manner.

8.       Maintains all applicable professional certification and participates in professional organizations.

Supervisory Leadership:

1.      Enforces governmental regulations (federal, state, and Local)

2.      Cooperates with Synod and District

3.      Provides clear and consistent direction to faculty and staff.

4.      Evaluates the faculty and staff against their assigned responsibilities and ministries in a systematic manner.

5.      Sets goals and plans for faculty and staff and them enforces them following all applicable guidelines.

6.      Observes faculty and staff at regular intervals and reports to the Board and the observed parties on their success at meeting goals and plans.

7.      Provides appropriate praise, recognition, and admonishment to the faculty and staff.

8.     Uses Matthew chapter 18 when dealing with staff or family problems.

9.     Promotes and supports staff initiatives and innovation.

10.      Seeks qualified candidates for open positions and realigns current assignments when


11.     Provides orientation and support for new faculty and staff.

12.     Promotes goal setting and self-improvement among faculty and staff.

Curriculum and Instruction Leadership:

1.      Aware of student Curricula needs.

2.      Has working knowledge of effective teaching techniques, available curricula, and current instruction trends.

3.      Secures the appropriate involvement of students, staff, parents, members of the church, and members of the community in the consideration of new instructional materials.

4.      Assists faculty and staff as they set curriculum objectives.

5.      Plans and implements staff development activities.

6.      Assists in the evaluation and selection of instructional material.

7.      Assures that daily and weekly lesson plans are in place and in use.

Student Relations Leadership:

1.      Assists students as they take responsibility for their own conduct and actions.

2.      Promotes students’ respect for the rights, property and opinion or others.

3.      Maintains open communication with students, family members, and school and church Staff.

Be available at convenient times for conferences with student, family members ,and

interested others.

Demonstrates fairness, firmness, and consistency when handling the problems of

students, family members, and school and church staff.

Knows the students personally.

Recruitment and Retention Leadership:

1.      Develops and initiates recruitment plans to achieve enrollment goals.

2.      Interviews families who apply for enrollment.

3.      Follows-up on prospective students who did not enroll.

4.      Helps to secure financial aid for families in financial distress.

5.      Attends to the concerns of families considering enrollment elsewhere and, if possible under the policies and procedures of the school, remedy their concerns.

6.      Facilitates the moves between preschool to kindergarten, kindergarten to grade school, and grade school to middle school to ensure a smooth transition.




Public Relations Leadership:

1.      Develops and implements a program of printed and personal communication for the students, families, faculty and staff of the school and of the church, the School Ministry Board, and the community.

2.      Keeps all interested parties aware of school news, functions, needs and activities.

3.      Is aware of community activities, both with educational value to the school and with promotional value to the school.

4.      Represents the school within the community to publicize the school’s Christian mission and its scholastic offerings.

5.      Keeps the Pastor and Board of informed of all school activities, successes and needs.

6.      Acknowledges individuals, organizations, and others for service and/or gifts provided to the school.

Resource Leadership:

1.       Practices and encourages Christian stewardship.

2.      Actively seeks financial support from those with a relationship with the school.

3.      Identifies, trains, and cultivates volunteers from the school, the church, and the community.

4.      Advises the fundraising events.

5.      Promotes the scholarship and endowment fund.

6.      Seeks other and outside sources of funding.

7.      Assists with the annual budget and uses it when determining the necessity and timing of spending.