Mission Lutheran School in Las Cruces, NM has begun the search for its next administrator. Mission is 25 years old and in the middle of expanding to offer grades 6-8. It’s a growing and exciting ministry with a faithful, dedicated staff and awesome kids and parents.


Job Description Administrator/Principal


Mission Lutheran Church has established Mission Lutheran School as a ministry of the congregation. The congregation has established the School Board to provide for the oversight of the school. The School Board is accountable to the congregation. The School Board will report regularly to the congregation to ensure that the purposes of the school are being achieved.

Both the School Board and Administrator/Principal will work cooperatively to fulfill their roles and functions while observing accountable relationships.

The Administrator/Principal will work in partnership with the Pastor of Mission Lutheran Church in accordance with congregational policy in developing and implementing an effective ministry, characterized by loyalty and cooperation in a common purpose and ministry for Christ. This partnership is accountable to the School Board, Church Council, and congregation.

The Administrator/Principal is responsible for conducting annual staff and program evaluations and presents recommendations to the School Board.


Professional: Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education, prefer a master’s degree in education or educational leadership. Required to have or obtain a New Mexico teaching license and prefer an administrative license. Must have experience teaching preferably in a Lutheran School. Prefer an active member of a Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregation and rostered by the LCMS.

Personal: Have a Spirit-led desire to serve the Lord possessing a strong commitment to Christian education in the Lutheran tradition. Demonstrate excellent leadership and management skills, strong interpersonal skills at all age levels, and well-developed organizational skills with the ability to multi-task.


Administrator: The principal serves as the executive administrator of the school, leading and supervising the operation of the school as it seeks to fulfill its mission.

· Interprets, administers and enforces all policies of the School Board.

· Makes all major decisions for which there is no board policy, pending board action at the next regular meeting.

· Understands and communicates the school’s vision, purpose, mission, goals and objectives.

Spiritual Leader: In partnership with the pastor, provide spiritual leadership, to achieve the school’s purpose according to God’s Word and Will and under His blessing, therefore, will live as a disciple of Jesus Christ, in carrying out responsibilities of the position seeking to bring honor to God’s name and enhancing the ministry of Jesus Christ.

· Serves as a spiritual example for all persons whose lives are touched by the school.

· Facilitates and guides Bible study for the faculty.

· Provides patient listening and subsequent prayer support for teachers.

· Oversees the religious instruction and spiritual life of the student body.

· Monitors and nurtures the spiritual climate within the school.

· Strives to maintain the confessional stance of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS).

· Develops and oversees the evangelistic outreach ministry of the school.

Personnel director of the School

· Advises call committees in the calling process, and provides call lists from the Synod database.

· In conjunction with the School Board, interviews and hires certified and non-certified personnel who are not commissioned ministers of religion on the roster of the LCMS.

· Supervises school personnel.

· Provides annual, written employee evaluations.

· Maintains a list of substitute teachers, and arranges for substitute teachers as needed, or covers the classroom when a sub is not available or necessary.

· Arranges, leads, and schedules faculty meetings.

· Schedules faculty devotions, Bible Study, and school chapel services.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

· Leads the faculty in study, evaluation, development, maintenance, change and publication of curriculum on a regular schedule approved by the School Board.

· Observes each classroom on a regular basis and provides feedback.

· Supports and encourages teachers. Challenges them to continue their education by keeping current and becoming leaders, using their God-given talents.

· Evaluates each teacher annually including a personal conference and written report to the teacher.

· Provides for the planning and administration of in-service opportunities for professional and spiritual growth, to meet both individual and collective needs of the faculty and the school.

· Oversee MAP testing three times per year and lead faculty discussions on testing results.

· Lead the accreditation process as determined by National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA).

Marketing and Admissions Manager

· Work to develop good relationships between the school and surrounding community.

· Develop and oversee a program of school/congregation relations.

· Promote the school everywhere, to everyone!

· Meet with potential new school families and give school tours.

· Follow up on all leads with phone calls/emails.

· Works with the School Board’s designated committee to award Angel scholarships and income-based tuition assistance.

· Works towards both retention of current families and recruitment of new families.

School Manager

· Attends all PTO meetings and events when possible.

· Coordinates events and activities with the PTO.

· Manages tuition/fees collection according to School Board policy/procedure.

· Assists the church treasurer in developing and maintaining projections for the budget.

· Monitors school accounts and budget in partnership with the church treasurer. Processes bills for payment.

· Maintains communication with school families, congregation, and community through a variety of forms.

· Attends and reports to the School Board at all designated meetings.

· Coordinate all fire, shelter-in-place, lock-down, and evacuation drills.

· Oversees Gradelink student information system

Leader for School Climate

· Lead the faculty and staff to create and maintain a school environment which will contribute positively to the life, growth and learning of all students and will enable each student to experience maximum growth spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically.

About Mission Lutheran School

Our mission:

Mission Lutheran School educates, equips, and prepares the whole child using God’s Word, solid academic curriculum, and relevant experiences for the purpose of continuing education and Christian life.