Assistant Director Position at Our Savior Early Learning Center


Assistant Director candidates must possess the following qualifications and basic skills/equipment:

  •      All qualifications for the position of a leading administrator as per Minnesota Rule 3 statues
  •       Bachelor degree in early childhood education or related field (preferred)
  •     NAEYC Director Accreditation certification (or willingness to obtain)
  •         At least 5 years of experience in ECE field in a combination of teaching and supervisory roles
  •        Knowledge of CACFP program and obtaining reimbursement through CACFP (must be willing to obtain after hire)
  •        Familiarity with ProCare software or similar child care management software, Word, Excel, PDF, Canva and other document creation software or willingness to learn immediately after hire
  •         Driver’s license and insured personal vehicle
  •         Personal computer or laptop
  •          Ability to pass background check in the state of Minnesota
  •         Current pediatric and adult CPR certification or willingness to obtain before hire
  •        Ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing in English


Assistant Director candidates must possess the following characteristics:

  •          Absolute belief in the intrinsic value of quality early childhood settings to society
  •          Passionate about promoting vibrant early childhood settings that meet the needs of young children in all senses; physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially as well as spiritually
  •          Dedicated to supporting the faith-based initiatives imbedded within Our Savior Early Learning Center’s mission and vision
  •          Motivated to learn about and apply the latest practices in early childhood education, including changes to any laws or regulations as they relate to the field as well as research
  •          Fidelity to guidelines and regulations that govern the practices of early childhood settings
  •          Willingness to coach, counsel, correct staff as necessary to achieve the mission and vision of Our Savior Early Learning Center
  •          Good interpersonal skills and ability to communicate candidly but kindly
  •          Willingness to fulfill any and all roles within Our Savior Early Learning Center in the event of staff absence
  •          Ability to think creatively when faced with problems or obstacles such as challenges in crafting staff schedules, resolving conflicts and navigating budgetary constraints.
  •          Capacity to actively supervise classrooms and center in general on a consistent basis
  •          Sense of humor in the face of adversity



Primary responsibilities of the Assistant Director of Our Savior Early Learning Center

  •          Ensuring that rules and regulations that apply to licensed child care facilities are always followed by staff and administrators
  •          Ensuring that components of NAEYC and Parent Aware accreditation are practiced and integrated by the program and its staff
  •          Positively promoting the standing of Our Savior Early Learning Center in the community by making connections to staff, families of children, children themselves, members of the community and all who enter the program through friendly, courtesy and helpful communication.
  •          Assisting the Director in maintaining classroom ratios through various means including adapting staff schedules, contacting float staff to fill in for absent staff, staffing room with own self if necessary and in cases of long-term vacancies assisting in the process of hiring new staff
  •         Assisting in maintaining licensure and accreditation through daily, weekly, monthly and annual efforts to monitor key components of licensure and accreditation
  •         Coaching and mentoring staff as necessary to promote quality care and education for all children
  •          Assisting the Director in coordinating, planning, setting up for and carrying out family and staff events throughout the year
  •          Assisting the Director in providing tours to prospective families as well as entering the information of new families into the program’s software
  •          Monitoring the food program and ensuring full compliance with CACFP standards for reimbursement as well as submitting all paperwork for reimbursement in a timely manner
  •          Collaborating with the Director in program improvement efforts
  •          Assisting teaching staff in the event of issues or matters that require additional support
  •         Ensuring that end-of-day transitions are carried out smoothly and in accordance to licensing rules while also making sure that cleaning protocols are followed by staff in addition to staffing down protocols
  •         Partnering with Lutheran Church of Our Savior and the Director of Our Savior Early Learning Center to achieve ministry goals



About Our Savior Early Learning Center

We are a small child care and preschool which operates as a non-profit ministry of the Lutheran Church of Our Savior in Rosemount, Minnesota. The preschool has operated as a ministry since 1987 and became a full-time combination child care and preschool in 2010. Since then, the program has grown as a cornerstone of the community and we are proud to provide loving Christian care and education to young children of local families.

We employ 25 employees full and part-time and operate five classrooms to serve the needs of children ages 6 weeks to kindergarten entry.