Position Purpose:
1) Serves as the chief administrator and supervisor of Pilgrim Child Development Center
and as such, directs, controls, and manages all matters having to do with the center.
2) Develops and enforces policies and procedures consistent with the requirement of the
state of Wisconsin and with the teachings of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
(LCMS) to ensure that the children are cared for and educated in a safe, nurturing
Christian environment.
3) Participates in the care/education of the children in conjunction with the teachers.
4) Advocates for children, parents, staff members, and Pilgrim congregation.
1) Preferred BA or higher degree with a major in Early Childhood Education from a
Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod university.
2) Education in business administration helpful.
3) If an education degree is lacking, the director will be certified to teach in early childhood
and should have all certificates required by the State of Wisconsin to run a child care
facility of 50 or more children.
4) Knowledge of the teachings of the LCMS is required. The director will work in concert
with the Pilgrim Lutheran Church pastor and called staff; and with the LCMS South
Wisconsin District Office, to develop, maintain, and support the spiritual aspects of the
1) Demonstrate knowledge of the rules and regulations to be followed by a State licensed
day care facility.
2) Meet the required hours of continuing education yearly, and all required certifications.
3) Become or be a member in good standing of a confessional Lutheran congregation, or
Pilgrim Ev. Lutheran church, Wauwatosa, preferred.
1) 3-5 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, preferred.
2) 1 or more years management experience as a Supervisor, Assistant Director, or Director
in a child development center.
Reporting Relationship:
1) The director of the PCDC is directly responsible to the PCDC Board.
2) The Pastor of the congregation is given the responsibility of directing and overseeing the
entire office of the public ministry among us.

1) Maintains a qualified staff through hiring and dismissing as needed.
2) Orients new staff according to the orientation plan.
3) Schedules, supervises, and evaluates staff, considering their well-being, conduct, and
4) Provides pertinent background information about children to the staff.
5) Calculates and turns in all PCDC employee time cards to the treasurer by the specified
6) Maintains personnel files.
7) Provides regular in-service/continuing education opportunities.
8) Prepares and leads staff meetings at least ten times annually.
9) Conducts conferences with staff on a regular basis.
Marketing and Recruitment:
1) Develops and implements marketing and recruitment strategies.
2) Provides information regarding Pilgrim Ev. Lutheran Church to families.
3) Develops and updates parent and staff handbooks annually.
4) Works to maintain enrollment at optimal level.
5) Provides tours for prospective families.
6) Orients new parents to facility and Center mission.
7) Maintains complete and accurate files on all PCDC children.
8) Employs an open-door policy with parents.
Communication with Parents:
1) Provides daily reports for parents concerning their child.
2) Holds conferences with parents as needed.
3) Establishes and maintains a Parent Information Board.
4) Participates and is visible at all PCDC functions.
Curriculum: (unless otherwise covered by the Director of Staff Development and Curriculum)
1) Ensures that the curriculum is Christ-centered.
2) Ensures that the curriculum is developmentally age appropriate.
3) Oversees teaching plans for each level of child development.
4) Provides current resources to staff to develop appropriate teaching plans.
5) Approves field trips.
6) Ensures equipment and supplies conducive to learning are available.
1) Ascertain budgetary needs for classrooms and staff.
2) Prepare and administer the Center budget in cooperation with the business administrator
and the PCDC Board.
3) Be responsible for sound bookkeeping with respect to monies collected and disbursed in
conjunction with the business administrator.
4) Supplement income with fundraising as needed.

Accountability to Church:
1) Prepares and presents a monthly report to the PCDC Board and Church Council; a
quarterly report to the Voter’s Assembly.
2) Promotes unity between the Child Development Center and the Church.
3) Ensures all teachings and practices are consistent with LCMS doctrine.
4) Assists the pastor in representing the congregation to the PCDC constituency in various
forums and to the public in general.
5) Is responsible for the execution of policies of the PCDC Board.
6) Maintains an awareness of church activities.
7) Collaborates with the pastor to advance the mission of the Church.
8) Serves as a role model for staff and families.
9) Reports events and activities to the congregation through the monthly church newsletter
and weekly church bulletin.
10) Maintains a high level of visibility on campus.
11) Attends, or sends an alternate to, the PCDC Board meetings, Church Council meetings,
Voter’s Assembly, and administrative staff meetings and reports to these regarding the
operation of the Center and its activities.
Building and Grounds:
1) Oversees maintenance of the facility and reports any needs and/or deficiencies to the
business administrator.
2) Completes fire/safety checks and drills monthly.
3) Ensures that the Center meets/exceeds all health and safety standards determined by the
governing regulations.

About Pilgrim Child Development Center (PCDC)

Our mission is to provide a loving environment that promotes Christian values as well as physical, social, emotional, and academic growth. Our program provides a nurturing environment and educational experiences that allow the children hands on learning through play and exploration. Our staff is dedicated to each child in their classrooms and intentionally plans according to development. Communication is important to us and we appreciate daily family interactions. I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you and the needs of your family.