Job Description: Lead Teacher – 2 year old class at St. Mark’s Preschool in St. Charles, IL

Starting: 2024/25 school year (potential job shadowing opportunity spring 2024)

Hours: Monday-Thursday mornings (with potential to add Fridays/ extended days)–approx.15 hour/week

Purpose:  To prepare and facilitate high quality, play based learning experiences that help children grow spiritually, cognitively, socially, and emotionally and to connect preschool families to God and each other.


Be at least 21 years of age
Provide transcripts with 60 sem. hours college credit including 6 sem. hours in courses directly related to child care/ child development from birth – age 6 (degree + experience preferred)
Register 15 hours per year of in-service with Gateways for Education
Possess skill and competencies to assume direct responsibility for planning and facilitating daily activities for a classroom of young preschool children
Demonstrate desire and ability to share the good news of Christ our risen Lord with preschool families
Exhibit love, patience and respect for children, parents, and staff
Be able to work collaboratively with St. Mark’s Ministry Team
Agree to comply with the policies of St. Mark’s Church and Preschool

General Responsibilities:

Plan and facilitate age appropriate, play-based curriculum that includes Christian faith instruction and includes skills in cognitive, social/emotional, and physical development
Prepare monthly lesson plans that include specific learning targets
Guide and direct teacher assistant in what is needed for each school day
Neatly maintain classroom and supplies
Attend monthly staff meetings (1 hour- paid)
Communicate with parents via monthly calendars, newsletters, daily recaps
Abide by regulations, policies, and procedures outlined in the staff and parent handbooks and DCFS

Specific Responsibilities:

Greet parents at start and end of each day
Comfort students with separation anxieties
Support and encourage students who are learning to potty train
Engage children in whole class, small group, and 1-1 learning experiences
Provide a balance of free choice and structured class time
Provide consistency in routine and expectations
Utilize a variety of intentional evaluation tools to track ongoing progress of students
Complete student observation checklist twice yearly
Conduct yearly conferences with parents that begin with prayer
Keep all school records in confidence
Maintain mandated reporter status
Develop plans to equip parents in spiritual nurturing of children
Assist in events sponsored by preschool
Know safety procedures and conduct regular fire, tornado, and lockdown drills
Participate in periodic staff reviews and evaluations
Provide input for assistant review




About St. Marks Preschool

We offer a variety of developmentally appropriate classrooms programs for kids from ages 2-5 that will encourage and inspire both a love for learning and a love for Jesus.