St. Paul’s is looking for a fulltime 4th & 5th grade teacher. Our school has been in operation for over 100 years. With the introduction of the Iowa Educational Saving Accounts, we feel we have a great opportunity to grow. We look forward to welcoming a new team member.


About St. Paul's Lutheran School

Job Description:

1.   Hold a valid State of Iowa Teaching Certificate.

2.   Holds a valid Lutheran Teachers Diploma.

3.     Submit to the general supervision of St. Paul’s Congregation and the direct supervision of the

principal of the school.

4.  Teach religious subjects according to the Holy Scriptures and the confessions of the Lutheran Church.

5.   Insist upon Christian life-worthy conduct, worthy of imitation on the part of the pupils, supervise their play

time and co-operate with the principal and other teachers in keeping Christian discipline.

6.   Give efficient instruction in the secular branches of education in accordance with the outlined course of study

and correlating all instruction to God’s Word.

7.   Shall be willing to help with unspecified duties which may occur during the course of the school term.

8.     Attend the conferences of our Lutheran teachers.

9.   Shall teach a single grade or a multi-grade classroom. Total contracted days are 189 – 180 school days, 4

in-service days and preparation & 5 holidays as per the 2024-2025 St. Paul’s School Calendar.  Help with

school programs and Choir as necessary and feasible.