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Director of Youth and Family Ministry

Job Description


Nature of the Position

The Director of Youth and Family Ministry at Trinity will partner with families with children and teenagers to help them make their homes extensions of our church and places of spiritual growth and grace. They will accomplish this by planning, developing, coordinating and implementing church programing, education and events for spiritual growth. The Christian home, in all of its shapes and forms, is an essential institution of the church and is a primary place for spiritual formation and practice. The Director of Youth and Family ministry, working in concert with the senior pastor, executive board and board of education will help families of our church and school experience the love of God. They will shape and develop a Christian community in which young people can live out and practice their love of Christ in a safe environment.



Education and Experience – Bachelor’s Degree with experience working with youth and/ or family ministry and willing to grow in their field of expertise.
Have a deep Christian faith and live a life that reflects their beliefs through prayer, worship and Bible study.
Demonstrates a high level of Christian moral integrity.
Direct and lead ministry focused on children through young adults and their parents, with an emphasis in cross-generational approach.
Has a broad working knowledge of church education and ministry for, to, and with children, middle schoolers, and high schoolers.
Be an active member of an LCMS Lutheran church or other church community which shares similar biblical views. If no Lutheran background, is able to express an understanding of Lutheran teachings sufficient to teach them.
Be energetic and passionate about youth and family ministry.
Willingness to work as part of a team alongside the senior pastor, executive board, and board of Christian education.
Partner with Trinity Christian school faculty and staff to strengthen the spiritual life of Trinity school families.
Responsibilities of the Director of Youth and Family Ministry

·       Help homes be centers for growth of the Christian faith and helps equip parents with faith filled parenting and couple relationship skills.

·       Create opportunities for youth and families to live out God’s will and love others in their everyday lives through acts of service.

·       Create and implement a robust middle and high school youth ministry program.

·       Lift up, develop and carry out an action plan for ministry working with the pastor, staff, congregation, and school based on our vision for faith formation.

·       Help create and implement age-appropriate programming for different life stages.

·       Help create a strategy for transitioning from one life stage to another.

·       Ensure that each home has the opportunity to know and live out God’s will, creating a place where God’s love abounds for all who live there and enabling the faith to be passed on from one generation to the next through the power of the Holy Spirit.

·       Connect young people to their parents, each other, and the church faith community.

·       Through the home and church, encourage continued growth in knowledge, love, and passion for God through worship, study, and prayer.

·       Help each young person gain a sense of their life’s ministry, vocation and avocation and develop in them a desire to love and serve others and their spiritual community of faith.


Activities/Skills Involved

Bible Studies
Sunday School
Vacation Bible School
Servant Events
National Youth Gathering (every 3 years)
Youth Retreats
Family Community Events (~1/quarter, Easter Egg Hunt, Trunk or Treat, e.g.)
Parenting Classes
Weekly meetings with Pastor
Monthly meetings with Board of Education and Youth Committee
Invited, but not required to attend Executive Board Meetings

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