7th grade homeroom teacher in charge of 7th grade faith formation and middle school science at Trinity Lutheran School in Clinton Township.

TRINITY’S MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Trinity Lutheran School is to assist families to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ through Christ-centered education.


  • Teach faith formation and science as assigned by the principal in accordance with the curriculum standard of Trinity Lutheran School.
  • Use good classroom management, skills, and disciplines, according to the loving manner of the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ, and according to the school’s discipline policy.
  • Fulfill any non-specific duties that would be generally expected of Trinity teachers.
  • Perform other tasks and duties that may be assigned by the principal.
  • Work closely with all members of the staff and faculty.
  • Attend all necessary workshops, faculty meetings, and other required functions.
  • Implement all policies as mandated by the principal and/or listed in the personnel manual.
  • Attend parent meetings/conferences when appropriate concerning current or future students.
  • Support and enforce the policies of Trinity Lutheran School.

-Is certified by the State of Michigan (or willing to transfer certification).
-Has experience teaching middle or high school science.
-Holds a Bachelor’s degree.
-Lives a Christian lifestyle and demonstrates a Christian faith. Is willing to support Lutheran doctrine and belief as needed when related to curricular instruction.
-Is poised, punctual, enthusiastic, dependable, loyal, adaptable, and trustworthy.

(Exceptions to any of the above qualifications will be handled on an individual basis by the Pincipal and Senior Pastor) 

*All staff must pass all background checks in order to be offered a position

If interested or to find out more information, please email Mark Brown at mbrown@trinityct.org or Tanya Leon at tleon@trinityct.org.