Trinity Lutheran School is looking for a Kindergarten teacher.  The 2024-25 school year will be the first year we are offering full-day Kindergarten.  There is also an option for families to send their Kindergartner for the morning only. We prefer a teacher with a Lutheran Teaching Diploma but are considering teachers who have a strong Christian faith.  Teachers without their Lutheran Teaching Diploma will be encouraged to earn it.

About Trinity Lutheran School

Trinity Lutheran Church and School exist to connect people to Jesus and His Church through worship, education and service.

With God's help, our congregation will focus on three different areas:

Worship: within the corporate worship environment, but also within an individual's prayer and devotional life.

Education: within our church, school, Bible studies and other learning atmospheres.

Service: within environments where we can share our faith, and care for people (both within the congregation and in the local and global community)