Valley Lutheran is seeking a dynamic individuals that are passionate about serving Jesus by serving their community. Join our team as we gear up for an amazing opportunity to share our story and grow our ministry. Position can be part-time or full-time depending on candidate’s needs/gifts. Interested parties should submit resume and cover letter to Tim Gast, Principal, at tgast@vlhs.org

About Valley Lutheran High School


Valley Lutheran High School provides a foundation for a life of faith, learning and service through a Biblical, Christ-centered, college preparatory education and Christian relationships.

Core Values:
Christ Centered -Christ is at the heart of who we are and what we do at Valley Lutheran. Students are encouraged and guided in learning to love and follow Jesus Christ with their whole hearts and minds through classes, groups, and activities that model discipleship.
Relationships – Relational community is a primary component of Valley Lutheran. Students, teachers, and staff alike have opportunities to take part in relationships that are supportive and restorative. At Valley Lutheran, we strive to treat and see each other as Jesus would in the relationships on our campus.
Service – A commitment to service calls us to follow Jesus in actively looking to help, support, and empower those in our community. At Valley Lutheran, we strive to serve those within our school and out in our community to be good neighbors. Students are challenged at Valley Lutheran to grow in their heart of service and awareness of community needs.
Learning –At Valley Lutheran, teachers are committed to the academic success and well-being of every student. Through challenging and relevant curriculum, instruction, and learning opportunities, students receive support in their knowledge and ability to apply what they learn in the classroom.
Leadership– At Valley Lutheran, students are empowered through leadership opportunities that foster skills in discipleship and compassion. Through student groups and intentional guidance by teachers and staff, students grow in their ability to lead others responsibly and with care to prepare them for leadership beyond their education at Valley Lutheran.