Kindergarten Teacher


To exemplify the Christian faith and life in daily activities. Responsible for working with students in all areas of an elementary classroom.

To teach faithfully the Word of God, the Sacred Scriptures, in its truth and purity and as set forth in all the symbolical books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church;
To exemplify the Christian faith and life, to function in an atmosphere of love and order characteristic of the Body of Christ at work, and to lead others toward Christian maturity;
To show a due concern for all the phases of ministry, especially to work for the promotion and improvement of all efforts in Christian education;
To exemplify Christian discipleship and witness, to live in Christian unity with the members of the congregation and co-workers, and to seek earnestly the advancement of the Kingdom of God at home and abroad.

The teachers are the chief instructors in the school.
In relation to the school, the teacher’s chief activity is that of instructing the children in the areas set forth in the school’s curriculum within the spirit of the mission statement and other statements of the school philosophy and objectives.
As an instructor, the teacher directs, controls, and manages all matters having to do with the teaching-learning process in the classroom.
To do all in your power to guide and direct the children in your care so that they may learn to apply their Christian knowledge to their lives and conduct.
To cooperate with the Principal, Pastors, and the Board of Christian Education in the various undertakings designed to promote the Christian School and Kingdom of God.


Zion Lutheran Chruch, School & Preschool is located in Rapid City, South Dakota.  The school is a highly supported mission by the congregation.  Zion is looking at expansion as the school would like to grow!

Zion Lutheran Church, School and Preschool Mission Statement

Knowing Jesus, Growing in Faith, Serving with Love



God has established Zion Lutheran School and Preschool for these reasons:  To share the Gospel, to provide Christian education, to worship and serve, to accept and encourage, and to put teamwork into action.


Zion’s Guiding Principles

By Knowing Jesus, we develop the kind of Christ-like character that will make the graduates of our school Christian leaders in the church and world.


By Growing in Faith, we maintain the highest standards of academic excellence in elementary school education integrated with, and related to, the teachings of God's Word.


By Serving with Love, we provide an environment for children to discover, develop, and use their God-given talents in service to others and to His glory.


By Serving God’s Children, we partner with parents in leading their children to

successful, useful and purposeful living.