(Mid-August – Early June)

Faith Lutheran School

Lacey, WA



  • Bachelors or masters degree in Education
  • Administration credentials or qualifying leadership program
  • Five years qualifying teaching experience



  • Disability and retirement benefits
  • Sick leave and Personal days
  • Pay ranges from $28,910 – $48,940 depending upon education and experience


Time requirement

  • Part time (0.7 FTE) – 28 hours per week
  • Monday through Friday
  • 1 year only


Application process

Prepare the following documents:

  • Application, which is available on the Faith Lutheran School website
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter

Email documents to Jennifer Cronquist, School Board Chair
Closes July 21, 2024


Contact Information

Jennifer Cronquist, School Board Chair
Email: schoolboardpresident@flschool.org


Job Description

The Administrator/Principal will serve as:

  • Spiritual Leader
  • Executive Administrator
  • Director of School Educational Programs and Ministry
  • Leader of School Climate



Spiritual Leadership

  • The principal’s first role is to provide spiritual leadership so that the school achieves is purpose according to God’s Word and Will under His blessing.
  • The principal will in all relationships with students, parents, faculty, staff and all others associated with the school, see to speak and abide by the Word and Will of God.
  • The Principal will, therefore, seek to like as a disciple of Jesus Christ, thus providing an example and encouragement to bring honor to God’s name while enhancing the ministry of Jesus Christ.


Executive Administration

  • The principal will work in concert with the pastor of the congregation in accord with the congregational policy to develop and implement an effective, God Pleasing ministry and outreach effort. Team relationships among the pastor, principal, childcare director and staff can best be characterized by loyalty and cooperation toward a constant goal of a Christ centered education for the children.
  • The principal is responsible to The Board in preparing, establishing and communicating policies and procedures necessary for the day to day operations of the school.
  • The principal is to assist the Board in preparing, establishing and communicating policies and procedures necessary for the day to day operations of the school.
  • The principal will be the spokesperson from The Board to the school staff and families.
  • The principal is responsible for preparing school registration packets, determining tuition rates and school calendar. This information is to be brought to and approved by The Board before circulation.
  • The principal is responsible for preparing all printed informational material. This involves all communications both internal and external.
  • The principal is responsible for school tours and meeting with each new family and student.
  • The principal is responsible for doing exit interviews when a family withdraws from Faith Lutheran School.
  • The principal shall promote the school in the community along with other churches in the area.
  • The principal is responsible for following NTPS weather closures along with calling in Faith Lutheran School information to the appropriate media.
  • The principal shall maintain and build relationships with staff and school families.
  • The principal is responsible for giving school information to Faith Lutheran Congregation.
  • The principal is responsible for managing the school office and assuring the efficient and effective daily operation of the school including but not limited to:
  1. Oversee the keeping of accurate and up to date records of faculty and students
  2. Conducting background checks of employees
  3. Oversee the filing of data and information appropriate for maintaining a history of the school
  4. Maintaining correspondence with Synod and the District office for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.
  5. Maintain correspondence with the state (Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction) and North Thurston Public Schools.
  6. Student recruitment and admissions
  7. Supervise the maintaining of data regarding the number of names of prospective students and inquiries.
  8. Advise the board to set enrollment goals
  9. Provide leadership and direction for the fiscal management of the school
  10. Be responsible for the authorization of daily approved expenditures/along with maintaining confidentiality of financial records.
  11. Provide the board with monthly reports on past due accounts along with letters that have been sent.
  12. Hire and train all aides needed in the school
  13. With board approval, hire and train teaching staff
  14. Hold bi-monthly school staff meetings
  15. Attend and oversee all school groups such as P.I.E.
  16. Formally evaluate teachers twice before April 30. The summary of evaluations should be brought to the May board meeting
  17. Oversee the publishing of a school newsletter, together, with the school secretary
  18. Arrive at school at least ½ hour before staff devotions and leave no sooner than ½ hour after the end of class.


Director of school Programs and Ministry

  • The principal is responsible for developing and supervising a plan of curriculum development
  • The principal is responsible for supervising the teaching staff to see that curriculum goals are met.
  • The principal is responsible for in-service opportunities for the professional and spiritual growth of the staff.


Leader for School Climate

  • The principal along with the faculty and staff will provide a program of spiritual ministry for all students for the nurture and development of their faith under the guidance and blessing of the Holy Spirit.
  • The principal along with faculty and staff will be responsible for creating and maintaining a school environment which will contribute positively to the life, growth, and learning of all students. The faculty and staff will enable each student to experience maximum growth spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and academically.
  • The principal will work cooperatively with the Board of Properties of Faith Lutheran Church for the maintenance and care of the building.
  • The principal will initiate and maintain a program of personal and professional well being for all workers in the school in accord with the policies and directives of the Board.
  • The principal along with faculty and staff will provide a ministry of discipline for the school and all students which is in harmony with God’s Word. Discipline should also be age appropriate and administered in a loving and Christian manner.
  • The principal along with the faculty and staff will follow the discipline procedures outlined in the parent/student handbook.


About Faith Lutheran School

Faith Lutheran School and Childcare, located in Lacey, WA, has been serving the Lacey, Olympia, Dupont, and Tumwater communities since 1971. Faith Lutheran School is a Christian school that values strong academics, in a loving and caring environment. We are currently enrolling students in preschool - 8th grade. Our childcare serves children ages 18 months-11. We are located 15 minutes from both Olympia and Joint Base Lewis McChord.