We are seeking a full-time Middle School Math and Science Teacher for grades 5-8 for the 2024-25 school year and beyond. We are a departmentalized Middle School with specialty areas (rotations), as well as being assigned a Homeroom class. The person in this position would teach the following:

  • Manage an assigned Homeroom class for grades 5, 6, or a 7/8 combination.
  • Teach Religion (CPH Curriculum) to Homeroom class.
  • Teach Math for grades 5, 6, and Algebra 1.
  • Teach 5/6 EarthScience and 7/8 Science as taught in a 2-year cycle rotating between Life Science and Physical Science.
  • We may ask you to teach 1 or 2 Phy Ed. classes, if the daily schedule allows.

If you are interested, please contact Principal Andrea Cacka in one of three ways:

  • Email her at acacka@redeemerwayzata.org
  • Fill out an online application to let us know you are interested! Here is the link to apply!
  • Feel free to give her a call! 952-473-5356 ext. 219

About Redeemer Christian Academy

We are an LCMS School, and a ministry of Redeemer Lutheran Church, which is located in the West Metro Area (Wayzata, MN) just 15 minutes west of Minneapolis, MN. Our school has approximately 150 students in Preschool through 8th grade. We have one section of each grade in PreK through Gr. 4. In Middle School, at least two grades have been combined...most recently grades 7 and 8 have been combined as a Homeroom. (This can change.) We would love to welcome you into the Redeemer family!

Our Mission: To equip students for their journey on the road through this life to eternal life with God. Our Teachings for a Lifetime help students grow in learning, integrity, faith, and excellence to become equipped disciples of Jesus.