Trinity Lutheran School is seeking a principal beginning with the 2024-2025 school year.  This person must have a master’s degree (not necessarily in administration) and be a member of a Missouri Synod Lutheran Congregation.  Previous teaching and administration experience is preferred.  This position would also include part-time teaching duties.  We are seeking an energetic and caring individual to provide direction and support for staff, students, and families, manage day-to-day operations of the school ministry, be a team “player”, and recruit students from the congregation and the community so we can grow the school in order to share Jesus with a wide range of students and their families.  An excellent opportunity for ministry in warm and sunny south Louisiana!

About Trinity Lutheran School

Trinity Lutheran School has been providing a Lutheran/Christian education in Baton Rouge since 1957 as the only Lutheran elementary school in Baton Rouge. We are located on a beautiful campus with an enrollment of approximately 60 students in kindergarten through grade 8. Three of our five classrooms have two grades in each.   Several teachers have 20 or more years of teaching at the school, and all are highly committed to their teaching ministry at Trinity.  Teacher and principal turn over has been low.  During its long history in Baton Rouge, Trinity has had only 5 principals.